Index Long Term Strategy

Equity + Safety =  Prosperity

Step 1: Invest in Nifty delivery + Nifty Futures

Step 2: Purchase Insurance of Investment

Result : Prosperity

Plan your retirement - Invest in Index Long-Term Strategy TODAY.

Features :

  • Long-Term Investment with Safety
  • Limited Risk
  • Unlimited Gains
  • Leverage Benefit

How we do it:

  • Long-Term Strategy
  • Completely Hedged Position
  • Past Data Testing
  • Low Transaction Cost
  • Event based Testing

We Beat Index

In past 10 years, Nifty Index gave 180% returns while our Index Long-Term Strategy gave us 285% returns. On other hands, Nifty once fall around 52% and at the same time our fund did not falls more than 7%. It proves that higher risk doesn't make the higher profits but a good calculation makes.

Words from our Investors

I, Sanjay Agarwal, Director of Shriram Mehar Polymers Pvt Ltd, was looking for some good investment opportunity in equity market which could give me lucrative returns in short term. When I Consulted Govind ji for the same he had advised me to invest in Arjuna Strategy of this Company. I am very happy to say that on an investment Rs. 5 Lacs only; I received a return of Rs. 113000 within a period of 4 Months. It is a best plan I have ever come across in equity Investment.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal

I know Finideas from Last 5 years. This Company is Good. Finideas is Bagging Smart Work with Innovative ideas, I can say their work is very innovative and they are working very smartly to manage portfolio. I invested much fund in finideas and they provided full transparency of my portfolio. The difference between Finideas and other financial company is that, here managers created such a smart portfolio that they keep security with it, due to which when market falls our fund will have limited fall. The smart work here is putting insurance with our fund.

Mrs. Kokila Desai

I was waiting for such a scheme from last 5 years. Investing in index long term was one of my dream and Govind ji has the best scheme on this. This scheme was fantastic that even by investing 30% amount you still get in benefit for the whole portfolio and he is covering that rest of the thing by doing futures & the downward risk is always hedged. There is no loss of capital accept if you suddenly move out of scheme.

Mr. Kishor Rach

We will help you to create your wealth