Index Long Term Strategy

Equity + Safety =  Prosperity

Step 1: Invest in Nifty delivery + Nifty Futures

Step 2: Purchase Insurance of Investment

Result : Prosperity

Plan your retirement - Invest in Index Long-Term Strategy TODAY.

Features :

  • Long-Term Investment with Safety
  • Limited Risk
  • Unlimited Gains
  • Leverage Benefit

How we do it:

  • Long-Term Strategy
  • Completely Hedged Position
  • Past Data Testing
  • Low Transaction Cost
  • Event based Testing

We Beat Index

In past 10 years, Nifty Index gave 180% returns while our Index Long-Term Strategy gave us 285% returns. On other hands, Nifty once fall around 52% and at the same time our fund did not falls more than 7%. It proves that higher risk doesn't make the higher profits but a good calculation makes.

We will help you to create your wealth