Corporate training for options trading

Your team is your strength. Take their knowledge about derivatives market to the new level.

Hours Training
Practical Sessions
Options Strategies

train your team

Train your team for Derivatives market trading. Let’s change their view about Options Trading & Strategies. Train them to face any market situations. Get the best performance from your team

Practical Sessions

We include some sessions where we give your team a live market like simulated trading environment so that they can experience all the strategies practically.

learn with fun

We include quiz, team activities and other fun games so that all the members can easily understand the subject and get fun during the whole learning process. 


Mr. Govind Jhawar


Mr. Udipth Talera

(CA {Gold Medalist}, DBF, CTM)


Group Discussion

We will continue the sessions in group discussion session so that everyone learn more with question answers to each other.

Free Software

We provide you a limited time free software for past data analysis, live market Greeks management and Simulation Trading

Simple Languages

We deliver workshops in simple English & Hindi Languages so that everyone can learn options in their convenient environment.

Free Study Materials

We offer you a free study material in PDF format with all our courses which contains all the topics you learn. You can carry this material where ever you go.

Doubt Clearing

You can send us mail or chat with us if you have any doubts during your training. Our experts will response your query, quickly.

Weekend Training

Everyone... Investor, Trader, Dealer, Arbitrager, Sub-Broker, Member etc. can take advantage from these courses.


  • What are call & Put Options?
  • Option Pricing & Option Greeks
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Vega
  • Theta
  • Rho
  • Open Interest Theory
  • Dispersion Theory
  • Volatility Sigma Range
  • Volatility Smile & Skew


  • Bullish Strategies
  • Bearish Strategies
  • Straddle & Strangle Strategies
  • Ratio Spread Strategies
  • Butterfly Strategies
  • Condor Strategies
  • Calendar Spread Strategies
  • Put Call Parity
  • Book Building Strategy
  • Short Gamma Strategies
  • Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy

give a boost to your trading